Gourmet Salumi

Find in our refrigerated area an assortment of original and unique products. Try out, the Gorgonzola “al Cucchiaio” , ready to be served as an ice cream, the smoked scamorzza for a different and creative aperitif, a wide range of cheeses by the refiner Xavier from Toulousse, the Pecorino Sardo DOP made with raw Sardinian sheep’s milk or Sarra goat cheese, awarded as the best goat cheese with moldy peel.

Not only do we have mature cheeses, but we can offer fresh cheeses such as “Villalón de Cabra” made with organic milk or our Puglia Burrata or Bufala Mozzarella brought weekly from the port of Barcelona.

In our selection of cured meats, we also stand out for novelty and quality. For example, our Mortadella at Bologna pistachio DOP, the perfect Guanciale for the real carbonara, Salami to accompany your sausage, Speck to season your pizzas or the Bresaola to prepare the best carpaccio.