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Gluten-free pasta

Pasta di Venezia

We offer a wide variety of gluten-free or lactose-free stuffed pasta with seasonal products so celiac and lactose intolerant customers can eat fresh pasta without inconvenience. This pasta is made with corn and rice flour, eggs, potato starch, olive oil and salt.

Dry Pasta

Semola and eggs

It is a consistent pasta, with high porosity that allows the great absorption of all sauces. Made with the utmost care in its processing and in its subsequent traditional drying process. We offer two varieties: semola or egg pasta.

Take away

Homemade dishes

Every day we prepare homemade dishes for you with the best products. You will always find various options like pasta, risotto, legumes, salads and protein dishes such as meat or fish.

Eating out during your lunch break does not mean giving up healthy homemade products.