This project was created over 30 years ago by Maria Pilar Gasch, filled with enthusiasm and desire to change the gastronomic concept of Italian pasta in Barcelona.


In those times, fresh pasta was a little-known concept since the local consumer considered it as a simple dish, something not very elegant and with a limited proposal.


Choosing fresh pasta as the core product of a new business was a high-risk decision for an entrepreneur woman who was just starting out in the industry as well as commencing her own family life. For this reason, and being a declaration of intent, the business was opened on 8 March 1990 (International Women´s day). Soon after, Josep Ventura joined the project and with him and his tireless capacity for sacrifice, the company gained confidence and consolidated.


Thanks to them, our parents, we learned all these values and love for gastronomy from an early age. Therefore, one day both Blanca and I, Marta, decided to collect the history of our origins and perpetuate our family seal, La Nostra Pasta.

Marta Ventura
Marta Ventura
Blanca Ventura
Blanca Ventura



“It’s not about WHAT, it’s about HOW”, Pilar once told us.

In an increasingly cosmopolitan Barcelona, what really makes a difference to the customer is the “savoir faire”: make them feel at home, focus on their needs and advise them with the utmost honesty.  


Our philosophy is to take care and pamper all our endeavors in order to achieve freshness and the highest quality in our products and services. Also, for us is not just about the product, but we take an extra step to protect the environment with habits such as the use of biodegradable packaging and the separation of waste, among others.



In our shop you will live a gastronomic journey without borders. You can experience multiple facets of Italy, France, Spain… and many other places!
Walk without limits and let yourself be carried away by the sensations that our unique, high-quality products offer. We’re waiting for you!



Pure mastery just a few meters from our shop.

Thanks to this space, we can proudly say that we manufacture our products on a daily basis with the utmost care and quality, using the finest raw materials.

We use only organic Italian flour, semolina flour and osmotic water in order to ensure the highest quality on our final product.