Gourmet products

In our shop, we prepare every day a wide range of pre-cooked dishes to help you eat healthy without wasting time.

We have meat, spinach or mushrooms cannelloni and meat or vegetarian lasagna. In addition, we also have Eggplant Parmiggiana, a vegetarian option that will delight your senses with its aroma and flavor. As a snack or appetizer, our handmade spinach, tuna or mushroom dumplings are unique as we perform the entire creation process in an artisanal way.

And if you fancy something sweet, we also make our own tiramisu weekly with the best mascarpone and the best savoiardi on the market. Don’t leave without trying it!

In La Nostra Pasta, we select our products for their quality and exceptionality. For this reason, you’ll find a wide selection of Rosara products, Italian Mutti sauces, English Wilkin & Sons jams, Mato of Monserrat or Recuit de la Nuri.

You’ll also find seasonal products such as Roman artichokes, confit tomatoes, virgin oils, Oviedo’s Rialto, moscovitas sweets or Panettone Scarpato for Christmas.